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Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Pieces of Furniture

Posted on April 13th, 2018 by Von Hemert Interiors.

What’s a Designer Featured Piece? We posed this question to some of our expert interior designers, asking them to choose a piece of furniture and tell us why it was their favorite. Their choices were all beautiful, reflecting years of experience with luxury furniture and tasteful work with sophisticated clients. Here are a few of the featured pieces:

Mary Larez’s Choice

An accredited designer, C.I.D., recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers, Mary Larez has over 30 years of experience creating comfortable and eclectic interiors. Her work reflects a passion for timeless and sophisticated designs, and she believes it is attention to detail that creates the foundation for a professionally finished home. Mary’s pick was a Thomas O’Brien-designed Grace Sofa with a gentle camel-back slope. She chose it for its ability to combine a modern and elegant look with natural sophistication. According to her, its smooth, soft touch makes it perfect for a family or living room and recommends dressing it up with accented pillows.

Mashid Foudladlou’s Choice

Mashid Foudladlou has spent over 21 years transforming visions into reality. Armed with a degree in commercial and residential interior design, she began her career in Northern California and has worked on many classic, sophisticated projects. Her choice was a Malibu Credenza which, according to her, is current with today’s new look of modern glamour or casual beach lifestyles. It comes in white teak solids, with an inset top of stone or shell that waterfalls down the sides, blending sparkles with organic materials and hardware. It has the potential to be the focal point of any room.


Bob Holland’s Choice

An interior designer for over four decades, Bob Holland has been educated in design and art and believes in creating a comfortable environment in collaboration with clients to exhibit a harmonious lifestyle. His choice was a Domain Chest, for its great design reflecting current trends. The piece has a geometric design with custom ash finish, silver-white marble top, and nickel hardware.

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