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Interior Designers and Decorators Can Bring Homes To Life

Posted on March 21st, 2018 by Von Hemert Interiors.

Here’s what separates good interior designers and decorators from the great ones: The ability to define the personality of any space they are working with.  By personality, what we at von Hemert Interiors refer to is the character and style of a home, along with elements that tell a story about who lives within those walls.

When done by a professional, design successfully integrates structural features with interior elements. This post explains how design defines personality, and why can turn to professionals like us to bring their personal visions to life.

Interior Designers and Decorators Costa Mesa

Established Styles Can be Inspirational

There are a lot of these to choose from, from Art Deco and Oriental to Gothic and Modern. These styles are templates that can be tweaked and adjusted to suit a homeowner’s personal sense of aesthetics. Our interior designers and decorators come with decades of experience that effectively allow them to learn from the past and approach traditional styles with a contemporary sensibility.

Don’t be Afraid To Mix

Personalities, like rooms, can be fluid. They can change, be inspired by all kinds of elements, and borrow from a variety of styles. There is no hard rule here, which is why our licensed and trained designers and decorators are never afraid to mix and match, provided the integrity of a home’s look is maintained.

Use a Style Board

One of the reasons von Hemert Interiors offers clients access to top manufacturers and new furniture products is that these latest releases offer a host of visual ideas that complement all kinds of creative preferences and personal styles. If you have a style board of visual ideas, it instantly gives you as well as your designers and decorators a sense of common elements or feelings that can be incorporated into your choices of furniture.

The von Hemert Interiors team comprises a stellar group of licensed interior designers in Costa Mesa and Torrance CA. To find out what your options are, get in touch with us today.

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