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Here’s How To Choose Luxury Living Room Furniture

Posted on June 8th, 2018 by Von Hemert Interiors.

Luxury Living Room Furniture

The living room is where you live, entertain and open up aspects of your life to visitors, which is why the kind of furniture you fill it with matters so much.  Choosing luxury furniture for living rooms is challenging because it involves making a number of smart decisions.  Here are a few tips you can use to help you make the right decision and create a look that is personalized to our style and sophistication.

Focus on Needs

This is really the fundamental question when it comes to choosing luxury furniture for your living room. Your answer should take into account how you entertain, how many people you entertain, and what basic furniture you need like a sofa, coffee table, side table or armchair. Also think about how your choices facilitate interactions and socializing, and consider creating a floor plan.

Look at Architecture

Take into account the kind of architecture of your home, including windows and other elements that can be turned into a focal point. When you choose luxury living room furniture, it should be cohesive with these architectural details and also consider what the surrounding rooms look like so the living room furniture complements these spaces.

Color and Theme

Color is about mood setting, and themes can unify the room. If you choose something contemporary or old world, your luxury furniture should reflect either choice. You can always speak to an interior design expert who can show you how to mix and match as well.

Accent Pieces Matter

When you have chosen core luxury furniture, you can turn to accent pieces that bring the living room together by injecting colors or patterns and tastefully changing blank spaces or gaps. Accent pieces also allow you to experiment more freely.

Quality And Solidity

Luxury furniture requires luxurious, high-quality fabrics to create a look of sophistication. Think about durability as well as color, and if darker fabrics work better than lighter ones. Heavy, solid furniture also helps make a room seem comfy, so think about what solid wood frames can do for your living room.

Contact Us For Luxury Furniture

Every sophisticated home requires luxury furniture, and not just for the living room. von Hemert Interiors has everything you need, so contact us today for advice or recommendations from our team of experts.

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