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Century Furniture Defines What Real Luxury Means

Posted on March 30th, 2018 by Von Hemert Interiors.

A lot of designers and homeowners recognize and believe that furniture is important. What those blessed with good taste acknowledge is that it is important enough to be the first component for consideration. This is why connoisseurs of fine furniture turn to master craftsmen who understand what exceptional quality means.

Luxury furniture, like the options created by von Hemert Interiors, occupies pride of place in homes where owners appreciate the joy that only a well-crafted piece of furniture can evoke. In our latest post, we explain how good furniture can breathe life into a room, and why Century Furniture is a classic example.

Century Furniture Costa Mesa

Century Furniture Is Unsurpassed

When you understand that furniture can be a focal point, it should be put to good use. Luxury furnishings should be arranged in a manner that draws the eye to what you consider to be the most important element. Century Furniture’s Cornerstone collection is a full line of customizable upholstery that can enhance the look of any room based on this principle.

What you get with this luxury brand is unsurpassed quality, especially for those who aspire to better lifestyles. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and Century offers impeccable designs in thousands of fabric, trim and leather options. It’s the kind of furniture that perfectionists turn to often, for very good reasons.

Attention To Detail

The interesting thing about every piece of Century Furniture is how it embodies a vision of excellence that prompted its creation in the first place. Attention to detail is obvious, with nothing that isn’t perfect ever making its way to a showroom. This is a brand that takes style very seriously, along with an emphasis on luxury. Even a smaller piece such as a tasteful loveseat, or mirror, reflects this ethos.

Balance And Craftsmanship

Maintaining the balance of a room is important, especially if you’re dealing with multiple, large components. This is why a line of classic furniture like Century appeals to those who understand the importance of varying points of visual interest. For advice, talk to our certified interior designers, book a home consultation, or drop in for a discussion on style options for a look that is sophisticated and regal.

Your search for tasteful luxury furniture ends here. von Hemert Interiors has a team of trusted experts happy to help you with the furniture needs for your home. For more information on the Century Furniture collection, contact us today!

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