von Hemert Interiors Royal Wedding Event

by Carrie 6. June 2011 05:12
On April 28th von Hemert Interiors invited a few hundred of their closest friends and clients to a very special Royal Wedding event celebrating the coming nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The evening was centered around all things British including vintage diamond tiaras, a Union Jack mini cooper, Versace china and an elaborate royal wedding cake designed by Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake Bakery. Models walked around the showroom in elaborate gowns designed by celebrity fashion designer Oday Shakar. Author and contributing editor of House Beautiful, Emily Evans Eerdmans gave a presentation on classic English design and antiques. The von Hemert showroom showcased a beautiful display of over a hundred pieces of English furniture reproductions by manufacturer Theodore Alexander. Five percent of von Hemert Interiors sales and jewelry sales from the weekend benefitted the American Red Cross Japanese disaster relief. This fabulous evening will go down in the von Hemert’s memory as being one of their most treasured events.

von Hemert Interiors - Rolls Royce on loan from Heritage Garage von Hemert Interiors - Versace China & Stemware
(Upper Left) Here is what our store looked like at night with a "Grey Poupon-style" Rolls Royce out in front on loan from Heritage Garage (same style car that was driven on the day of the actual royal wedding.) I think it was the car that brought Prince William to the church.
(Upper Right) Royal Wedding table featuring Versace china and stemware. On loan from Versace of South Coast Plaza.

von Hemert Interiors - Union Jack Mini Cooper von Hemert Interiors - Carrie von Hemert introduction
(Upper Left) Here is a picture of the Union Jack mini cooper (on loan from Heritage Garage) and the Royal Wedding Cake by Christopher Garren's Cake.
(Upper Right) Carrie von Hemert making introduction for Emily Evans Eerdmans.

von Hemert Interiors Family Author Emily Evans Eerdmans
(Upper Left) Shown in the photo are: Mickey von Hemert, Kelly von Hemert, Barry von Hemert, Susan von Hemert and Carrie von Hemert.
(Upper Right) Author and contributing editor of House Beautiful Magazine~ speaker: Emily Evans Eerdmans.

Girls of Rue Magazine Oday Shakar & his elegant models
(Upper Left) The 2 ladies in the center are: Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage of Rue Magazine.
(Upper Right) Celebrity fashion designer, Oday Shakar and models his signature gown collection.

Debbie Brown, von Hemert interior designer- Pierre Drancourt and Marieke Eninger Wendy and Cristian Owen with von Hemert interior designer, Donna Pennington
(Upper Left) Photo of Debbie Brown, von Hemert interior designer- Pierre Drancourt and Marieke Eninger.
(Upper Right) Clients: Wendy and Cristian Owen with von Hemert interior designer, Donna Pennington.

Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership
Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership.

Swaim Kaleidoscope Microfiber Fabrics

by Carrie 20. May 2011 06:20

Swaim Kaleidoscope Microfiber Fabrics

When we introduced the Swaim Bubble Chair last week, we mentioned that the Kaleidoscope collection features a selection of over 40 fabrics.  At the recent April furniture market in High Point, North Carolina, Swaim introduced even more fabrics to the Kaleidoscope collection.  And, as mentioned, any one of the Kaleidoscope fabrics can be applied as covers for the collections' upholstery pieces for the same price!

Out of all these fabrics, Swaim has made it a point to include 16 colorways of microfiber.  Microfibers define the fabrics of the future: the soft hand feels as cozy and luxurious as suede, but the high resistance to wearing and staining (most anything washes out with soap and water) make microfibers the most practical of fabrics.

The first ultra-microfiber was invented by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto of Toray Industries in 1970. His associate, Dr. Toyohiko Hikota, was then able to create a process involving these fibers into a new non-woven fabric, now know as Ultrasuede.  The Ultrasuede microfibers are a remarkable technological feat; invisible to the naked, these fibers are so fine that a single pound's worth of them could stretch out for a roundtrip to and from the moon.

Along with Swaim, the von Hemert showrooms feature many lines of microfiber fabrics available in hundreds of colors.

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Beautiful interior design shown by Pierre Drancourt on Kravet's Design Share Page

by Carrie 12. March 2011 03:58


Take a look at Pierre Drancourt's Interior Design on Kravet's Design Share Page.

Thank you Kravet fabrics for posting these lovely images by von Hemert Interior designer, Pierre Drancourt. He thoroughly enjoyed working on this Monarch Beach project with his clients.  Pierre says, "Kravet's versatility of their selection of fabrics allowed me to create the most uniqe space for my clients! Voila!"

Kravet fabric on arm chairs: 28887-430


Kravet bar stool fabric:  Pearluster-3


Kravet game chair fabric:  28886



Kravet dining chair fabric: Back: 25569-1630

29385-23 & 29215-404

von Hemert: interior design steeped in family tradition

by Carrie 22. September 2010 04:07

Thank you Jill Fales and the Newport Beach Independent for writing such an awesome story on von Hemerts in the Coastal Real Estate Guide section of the paper on September 17th! We loved it! Click on the link below to read more on: von Hemert: interior design steeped in family tradition.


A Home That Is Loved

by Carrie 28. August 2010 04:17

Since our blog had to be redesigned you may have missed our article that was recently in the May issue of California Homes Magazine. Take a glimpse at Ken and Amber Rohl's (of Rohl faucets & fixtures) beautiful Mediterranean style Newport Coast home designed by von Hemert Interiors talented designers, Donna Pennington. After reading this feature article on the Rohl's home it will give you a glimpse at why this is one of Donna's favorite homes that she has designed. It will also show you an array of some of von Hemert's prized hand crafted Italian imports and how they blend in perfectly with this Orange County home. Enjoy!  To see more of Donna's work click here: http://www.vonhemertinteriors.com/Design/Designer.aspx?Id=12#'

California Homes Article - Rohl 2010.pdf (637.21 kb)

Mary, Lucy, Donna, David P. and Paul and their new awards.

by Carrie 15. August 2010 22:06

At von Hemert Interiors Stores 90th Anniversary Party, five of their interior designers that have provided outstanding design service for more than 15 years were honored with a custom engraved crystal award. Thank you designers for your talented and devoted professionalism!  Congratulations to you all!




Designers and their awards.jpg (140.97 kb)

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