May's Pick to Click: Swaim Bubble Chair

by Carrie 5. May 2011 21:12

We're introducing a new feature to the blog, called the "Pick to Click."  Each month, we will be talking about interesting and exciting product that has come into our showrooms.  To start off, for May 2011, we will be featuring the Bubble Chair from Swaim's new Kaleidoscope Collection.

Swaim, out of High Point, North Carolina, has been handcrafting furniture in the family tradition since 1945.  Their luxury designer contemporary and transitional furniture is well-known and regarded throughout the industry, and Swaim's factory showroom is one of the most beautiful in all of High Point.  Swaim designer John Mascheroni, on the Bubble chair and the new Kaleidoscope collection:

"The stimulus for Kaleidoscope began early last year when Swaim recognized
the need to develop a new Modern Collection of upholstery and occasional
furniture in order to pay attention to the clear return to Modernism in Home
Furnishings. Whether the financial debacle of 2008 created a sobering effect
on what was prior to then the "More is better" approach to interior design,
the new mantra returned to the 50's, 60's, "Less is more".

And so, Rhonda Swaim approached me to come up with a collection of designs
that would express the renewed interest in Modernism and chose the name 
KALEIDOSCOPE. Being a modernist at heart, this was something of a new challenge, a clean sheet of paper, with no historical references, i.e., Deco, Transitional Traditional, etc. Bubble, evolved from the ground up. I wanted to do a swivel chair with a polished stainless steel base that wasn't just a disc, but sculptural, and should be seen. This led to the design of the chair which although large, should not be a box. The curved sides add interest and softness to the scale of the chair, but also allows the base to be exposed. I personally love swivel chairs because they're kinetic and allow you to rotate to the person you're conversing with. The important thing for me to keep in mind when ever I design a product, is that it has to live with all the other elements and not overwhelm them. I believe that we have been successful in achieving this in this new collection.


The Bubble swivel chair is available in 40 different Kaleidoscope fabrics.  Choose any one of the Kaleidoscope fabrics and it's the same price: no grades to worry about! We'd love it if you'd swing by our Costa Mesa showroom, take a look at this beautiful (and comfortable!) chair, and see for yourself why we're making this our "Pick to Click" for the month of May!

Swaim Bubble Swivel Chair (33"W 37"D 32"H overall; 19.5"D 19.5"H seat; 25"H arm), on sale for $1,999 through May 31, 2011.

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