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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Furniture Upholstery In Costa Mesa And Torrance

Posted on June 13th, 2018 by Von Hemert Interiors.

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If you’re considering buying high-quality furniture upholstery for your home in Costa Mesa or Torrance, you will realize rather quickly that it’s hard to figure out what the quality is like just by looking at a finished product. You have to understand the construction to make an informed decision, so here are five questions you should always ask before you put down your money for a purchase.

What is the type of wood used?

If it’s hardwood, that is the best choice for upholstery. You can also consider alder, which is lightweight, perfect for machining, has a medium density, performs well with shock resistance, handles nails, and glues well.

How has the furniture upholstery been made?

Ask about whether one upholsterer or a line of them make the piece because there is a difference between upholstery made on a production line and the bench. For high-quality furniture, go with upholstery that has been made on the bench because this shows that attention to detail and true craftsmanship matters to the manufacturers.

What is the type of fill?

This is a question about fiber quality and padding the frame, which has an impact on comfort and longevity. Ask if the pillows are hand-stuffed or blown fiber, and consider high resiliency foam 2.5 lb., cotton padding, and heavy fiber fill.

What is the type of seat suspension?

This is important because the springs should be mounted to specially-fitted fittings and silencers that hold the frame in place. Always go for heavy gauge, sinuous no-sag spring or webbing suspension systems because they manage to maintain a modern silhouette while offering long-lasting seat comfort.

Where has the furniture upholstery been made?

This question tells you about the kind of quality and standards you can expect from the upholstery which, in turn, tells you whether it will stand the test of time. Where furniture upholstery is made defines the kind of processes and standards to which the final product is held.

Furniture Upholstery In Costa Mesa And Torrance

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