Beautiful interior design shown by Pierre Drancourt on Kravet's Design Share Page

by Carrie 12. March 2011 03:58


Take a look at Pierre Drancourt's Interior Design on Kravet's Design Share Page.

Thank you Kravet fabrics for posting these lovely images by von Hemert Interior designer, Pierre Drancourt. He thoroughly enjoyed working on this Monarch Beach project with his clients.  Pierre says, "Kravet's versatility of their selection of fabrics allowed me to create the most uniqe space for my clients! Voila!"

Kravet fabric on arm chairs: 28887-430


Kravet bar stool fabric:  Pearluster-3


Kravet game chair fabric:  28886



Kravet dining chair fabric: Back: 25569-1630

29385-23 & 29215-404

Vanguard The Planet: Partnering with Orion Energy.

by Carrie 8. March 2011 22:46

Congrats Vanguard Furniture!

I am so impressed with Vanguard Furniture and their recent award they received for their Environmental Stewardship!

Looks like Vanguard is more than just at the top of their game, their a leading game changer in the furniture industry! According to the US Environmental Protection Agency Vanguard's 55% reduction of lighting in their North Carolina plant would have the same affect on the environment as: planting 64 acres of trees, removing 57 cars from the road a year, saving 689 barrels of oil a year and so much more!  See a picture of Barack Obama photographed in the Orion Enery Systems Plant below and read the article.  Psst, Psst~ We Love & carry Vanguard Furniture!


Energy innovation at NC plant lands Vanguard
at the forefront of furniture industry again 

Company partners with Orion Energy Systems to drastically slash consumption 


HICKORY, NC -- Industry leader Vanguard Furniture recently furthered the company's commitment to environmental-consciousness by reducing lighting costs in its North Carolina factory by 55 percent, and in doing so was given an award for environmental stewardship.


Sustainability is more than a program for Vanguard; the company sees it as a way of life. In all areas of enterprise, Vanguard works to emphasize waste reduction and increase use of sustainable products, and has been a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council since 2007.


In August 2010, Vanguard began working with Orion Energy Systems to address the outdated, patchwork lighting system in Vanguard's manufacturing facilities. Though seemingly innocuous, inefficient lighting is polluting.


Orion, which recently grabbed worldwide attention when US President Barak Obama held a press conference inside its Wisconsin plant, is a pioneering force in commercial and industrial lighting solutions, including energy efficient lighting, intelligent wireless control systems, direct renewable solar power and photovoltaic technology.


Vanguard is the first furniture company in the world to engage Orion's smart-consumption technology. By October 2010, Orion had designed and implemented changes at Vanguard that will lower the company's annual electrical cost from more than $45,000 to approximately $19,000 -- a savings of 55 percent.


Environmentally, the impact of the changes are substantial when quantified in everyday terms. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Vanguard's lighting system will have the same affect on the environment as:

  •     Planting 64 acres of trees
  •     Removing 57 cards from the road each year
  •     Saving 689 barrels of oil annually
  •     Saving 28.958 gallons of gasoline annually

Vanguard's project will decrease air pollution and environmental damage by the following amounts each year:

  •     233.3 tons of Carbon Dioxide
  •     .9 tons of Sulfur Dioxide
  •     .3 tons of Nitrogen Oxide

More about Vanguard

A conscience-driven company, Vanguard is dedicated to fashion, reliability and responsiveness. For more than 40 years, Vanguard has been dedicated to continuous improvement and 100 percent first-quality goods.


Vanguard, located in Hickory, NC, combines old-fashioned values with environmental innovation and responsible stewardship that results in uncompromising quality. For more information, visit


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