von Hemert Interiors Royal Wedding Event

by Carrie 6. June 2011 05:12
On April 28th von Hemert Interiors invited a few hundred of their closest friends and clients to a very special Royal Wedding event celebrating the coming nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The evening was centered around all things British including vintage diamond tiaras, a Union Jack mini cooper, Versace china and an elaborate royal wedding cake designed by Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake Bakery. Models walked around the showroom in elaborate gowns designed by celebrity fashion designer Oday Shakar. Author and contributing editor of House Beautiful, Emily Evans Eerdmans gave a presentation on classic English design and antiques. The von Hemert showroom showcased a beautiful display of over a hundred pieces of English furniture reproductions by manufacturer Theodore Alexander. Five percent of von Hemert Interiors sales and jewelry sales from the weekend benefitted the American Red Cross Japanese disaster relief. This fabulous evening will go down in the von Hemert’s memory as being one of their most treasured events.

von Hemert Interiors - Rolls Royce on loan from Heritage Garage von Hemert Interiors - Versace China & Stemware
(Upper Left) Here is what our store looked like at night with a "Grey Poupon-style" Rolls Royce out in front on loan from Heritage Garage (same style car that was driven on the day of the actual royal wedding.) I think it was the car that brought Prince William to the church.
(Upper Right) Royal Wedding table featuring Versace china and stemware. On loan from Versace of South Coast Plaza.

von Hemert Interiors - Union Jack Mini Cooper von Hemert Interiors - Carrie von Hemert introduction
(Upper Left) Here is a picture of the Union Jack mini cooper (on loan from Heritage Garage) and the Royal Wedding Cake by Christopher Garren's Cake.
(Upper Right) Carrie von Hemert making introduction for Emily Evans Eerdmans.

von Hemert Interiors Family Author Emily Evans Eerdmans
(Upper Left) Shown in the photo are: Mickey von Hemert, Kelly von Hemert, Barry von Hemert, Susan von Hemert and Carrie von Hemert.
(Upper Right) Author and contributing editor of House Beautiful Magazine~ speaker: Emily Evans Eerdmans.

Girls of Rue Magazine Oday Shakar & his elegant models
(Upper Left) The 2 ladies in the center are: Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage of Rue Magazine.
(Upper Right) Celebrity fashion designer, Oday Shakar and models his signature gown collection.

Debbie Brown, von Hemert interior designer- Pierre Drancourt and Marieke Eninger Wendy and Cristian Owen with von Hemert interior designer, Donna Pennington
(Upper Left) Photo of Debbie Brown, von Hemert interior designer- Pierre Drancourt and Marieke Eninger.
(Upper Right) Clients: Wendy and Cristian Owen with von Hemert interior designer, Donna Pennington.

Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership
Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership.

Swaim Kaleidoscope Microfiber Fabrics

by Carrie 20. May 2011 06:20

Swaim Kaleidoscope Microfiber Fabrics

When we introduced the Swaim Bubble Chair last week, we mentioned that the Kaleidoscope collection features a selection of over 40 fabrics.  At the recent April furniture market in High Point, North Carolina, Swaim introduced even more fabrics to the Kaleidoscope collection.  And, as mentioned, any one of the Kaleidoscope fabrics can be applied as covers for the collections' upholstery pieces for the same price!

Out of all these fabrics, Swaim has made it a point to include 16 colorways of microfiber.  Microfibers define the fabrics of the future: the soft hand feels as cozy and luxurious as suede, but the high resistance to wearing and staining (most anything washes out with soap and water) make microfibers the most practical of fabrics.

The first ultra-microfiber was invented by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto of Toray Industries in 1970. His associate, Dr. Toyohiko Hikota, was then able to create a process involving these fibers into a new non-woven fabric, now know as Ultrasuede.  The Ultrasuede microfibers are a remarkable technological feat; invisible to the naked, these fibers are so fine that a single pound's worth of them could stretch out for a roundtrip to and from the moon.

Along with Swaim, the von Hemert showrooms feature many lines of microfiber fabrics available in hundreds of colors.

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May's Pick to Click: Swaim Bubble Chair

by Carrie 5. May 2011 21:12

We're introducing a new feature to the blog, called the "Pick to Click."  Each month, we will be talking about interesting and exciting product that has come into our showrooms.  To start off, for May 2011, we will be featuring the Bubble Chair from Swaim's new Kaleidoscope Collection.

Swaim, out of High Point, North Carolina, has been handcrafting furniture in the family tradition since 1945.  Their luxury designer contemporary and transitional furniture is well-known and regarded throughout the industry, and Swaim's factory showroom is one of the most beautiful in all of High Point.  Swaim designer John Mascheroni, on the Bubble chair and the new Kaleidoscope collection:

"The stimulus for Kaleidoscope began early last year when Swaim recognized
the need to develop a new Modern Collection of upholstery and occasional
furniture in order to pay attention to the clear return to Modernism in Home
Furnishings. Whether the financial debacle of 2008 created a sobering effect
on what was prior to then the "More is better" approach to interior design,
the new mantra returned to the 50's, 60's, "Less is more".

And so, Rhonda Swaim approached me to come up with a collection of designs
that would express the renewed interest in Modernism and chose the name 
KALEIDOSCOPE. Being a modernist at heart, this was something of a new challenge, a clean sheet of paper, with no historical references, i.e., Deco, Transitional Traditional, etc. Bubble, evolved from the ground up. I wanted to do a swivel chair with a polished stainless steel base that wasn't just a disc, but sculptural, and should be seen. This led to the design of the chair which although large, should not be a box. The curved sides add interest and softness to the scale of the chair, but also allows the base to be exposed. I personally love swivel chairs because they're kinetic and allow you to rotate to the person you're conversing with. The important thing for me to keep in mind when ever I design a product, is that it has to live with all the other elements and not overwhelm them. I believe that we have been successful in achieving this in this new collection.


The Bubble swivel chair is available in 40 different Kaleidoscope fabrics.  Choose any one of the Kaleidoscope fabrics and it's the same price: no grades to worry about! We'd love it if you'd swing by our Costa Mesa showroom, take a look at this beautiful (and comfortable!) chair, and see for yourself why we're making this our "Pick to Click" for the month of May!

Swaim Bubble Swivel Chair (33"W 37"D 32"H overall; 19.5"D 19.5"H seat; 25"H arm), on sale for $1,999 through May 31, 2011.

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Beautiful interior design shown by Pierre Drancourt on Kravet's Design Share Page

by Carrie 12. March 2011 03:58


Take a look at Pierre Drancourt's Interior Design on Kravet's Design Share Page.

Thank you Kravet fabrics for posting these lovely images by von Hemert Interior designer, Pierre Drancourt. He thoroughly enjoyed working on this Monarch Beach project with his clients.  Pierre says, "Kravet's versatility of their selection of fabrics allowed me to create the most uniqe space for my clients! Voila!"

Kravet fabric on arm chairs: 28887-430


Kravet bar stool fabric:  Pearluster-3


Kravet game chair fabric:  28886



Kravet dining chair fabric: Back: 25569-1630

29385-23 & 29215-404

Vanguard The Planet: Partnering with Orion Energy.

by Carrie 8. March 2011 22:46

Congrats Vanguard Furniture!

I am so impressed with Vanguard Furniture and their recent award they received for their Environmental Stewardship!

Looks like Vanguard is more than just at the top of their game, their a leading game changer in the furniture industry! According to the US Environmental Protection Agency Vanguard's 55% reduction of lighting in their North Carolina plant would have the same affect on the environment as: planting 64 acres of trees, removing 57 cars from the road a year, saving 689 barrels of oil a year and so much more!  See a picture of Barack Obama photographed in the Orion Enery Systems Plant below and read the article.  Psst, Psst~ We Love & carry Vanguard Furniture!


Energy innovation at NC plant lands Vanguard
at the forefront of furniture industry again 

Company partners with Orion Energy Systems to drastically slash consumption 


HICKORY, NC -- Industry leader Vanguard Furniture recently furthered the company's commitment to environmental-consciousness by reducing lighting costs in its North Carolina factory by 55 percent, and in doing so was given an award for environmental stewardship.


Sustainability is more than a program for Vanguard; the company sees it as a way of life. In all areas of enterprise, Vanguard works to emphasize waste reduction and increase use of sustainable products, and has been a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council since 2007.


In August 2010, Vanguard began working with Orion Energy Systems to address the outdated, patchwork lighting system in Vanguard's manufacturing facilities. Though seemingly innocuous, inefficient lighting is polluting.


Orion, which recently grabbed worldwide attention when US President Barak Obama held a press conference inside its Wisconsin plant, is a pioneering force in commercial and industrial lighting solutions, including energy efficient lighting, intelligent wireless control systems, direct renewable solar power and photovoltaic technology.


Vanguard is the first furniture company in the world to engage Orion's smart-consumption technology. By October 2010, Orion had designed and implemented changes at Vanguard that will lower the company's annual electrical cost from more than $45,000 to approximately $19,000 -- a savings of 55 percent.


Environmentally, the impact of the changes are substantial when quantified in everyday terms. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Vanguard's lighting system will have the same affect on the environment as:

  •     Planting 64 acres of trees
  •     Removing 57 cards from the road each year
  •     Saving 689 barrels of oil annually
  •     Saving 28.958 gallons of gasoline annually

Vanguard's project will decrease air pollution and environmental damage by the following amounts each year:

  •     233.3 tons of Carbon Dioxide
  •     .9 tons of Sulfur Dioxide
  •     .3 tons of Nitrogen Oxide

More about Vanguard

A conscience-driven company, Vanguard is dedicated to fashion, reliability and responsiveness. For more than 40 years, Vanguard has been dedicated to continuous improvement and 100 percent first-quality goods.


Vanguard, located in Hickory, NC, combines old-fashioned values with environmental innovation and responsible stewardship that results in uncompromising quality. For more information, visit www.vanguardfurniture.com.


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Stickley Events ~ Truckload Sale starts today & Mike Danials lecture 2/15 & 2/16

by Carrie 12. February 2011 04:30

Stickley Truckload Sale

Hundreds of new pieces just came off the truck for this limited engagement....

All Truckload Stickley furniture is 40%

(Costa Mesa & Torrance Showrooms only)


Beautiful living room furnished by von Hemert's own, interior designer, Rhonda Frey. The clients went with practically all Stickley furniture in this vacation home. This bay front property is situated on a quaint private island in Newport Beach California~ called Bay Island. Only about *23* people enhabit this exclusive island that's encompassed by lush tropical gardens, a tennis court, boat docks, and private beach.  You can see the historic Balboa Pavillion out of their living room windows on a clear day.


Bow Arm Morris Chair


Harvey Ellis Bookcase with inlay



Mission Cherry Sideboard

Mike Danial Lecture

Mike Danial will speak about Stickley's hundred plus year old legacy and will share famous stories not many people know. He will also demonstrate first hand some of the passed down finishing processes and craftsmanship that are still being used by the factory today.

Lectures:  Costa Mesa: On Tues. Feb. 15th at 7 PM & Torrance: On Weds. Feb. 16th at 7 PM

Please RSVP early. Seating is limited. Call Cecile (949)642-2050 or email: stickleyroadshow@vonhemertinteriors.com

Stickley's Corporate Historian, Mike Danial.

Theodore Alexander unveils new luxury website!

by Carrie 21. January 2011 06:35

Theodore Alexander unveils new luxury website that we are excited about!

We love the look & functionality of this sophisticated new site. We also love the beautiful videos that really shows you all that is Theodore Alexander.... Take a look here

Read the press release about their new website written up in the New York Times Here

Here are a few pieces we love below....

Flame Mahogany Cocktail Cabinet on Stand (Althorp Living History Collection)

Mahogany Wooton Hall Chair with Spencer Crest (Althorp Living History Collection)

17th Century Fireside Games Cocktail Table (Castle Bromwich)






Barbara Barry is Back at Baker!

by Carrie 19. January 2011 03:17

Barbara Barry is Back at Baker Furniture!

We are so excited that Barbara Barry is finally back collaborating her fabulous furniture designs with one of our favorite furniture manufacturers, Baker!  Welcome back Barb!  Here are some of our favorite recent Barbara Barry installations by von Hemert Interiors interior designers.  Click on Mary, Sam and David's names highlighted in blue below to see more of their work! 

Mary Larez , Sam Joseph and David Preston 

Take a look at some more Barbara Barry funiture here.




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Grass Roots Lecture by Stickley's Historian Mike Danial

by Carrie 15. January 2011 05:08

Grass Roots Lecture by Stickley's Historian Mike Danial

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011 at 7 pm (Costa Mesa store)

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011 at 7 pm (Torrance store)

Stickley's Corporate Historian, Mike Danial will give a "Grass Roots" perspective on Stickley's hundred-plus-year old legacy and share some of the fascinating stories that are the cornerstone of Stickley's namesake.  Mike will demonstrate first hand some of the precision craftsmanship and finishing processes that are still used in the Stickley factory today.  We will host light hors d' oeuvres and wine at this event.  Seating is limited so RSVP (stickleyroadshow@vonhemert.com) or call Cecile at (949)642-2050. Arrive early for good seats and special door prizes!  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Romance is in the air at Stickley Furniture!

by Carrie 12. November 2010 23:19

How romantic is this.....

Edward Audi (owner of Stickley Furniture) added this very symbolic mirror into the Stickley line as a tribute to his wife Laila. On the back of the mirror is a beautiful poem called: The Prophet on Marriage by Khalil Gibran



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